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GP took part in Aviation Expo / China 2015
Sep. 16th to 19th, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China
GP Booth No.: 1-1

Aviation Expo / China 2015

Aviation Expo / China has witnessed the 30-year development of China’s aviation industry since 1984, during which, it has made remarkable achievements as the result of hard work and unremitting endeavor of both elder and young-generation aviation people. The achievements is history, and today, our mission is to create a brilliant future.

As the first trading platform in China to assist the exchange and cooperation of aviation enterprises at home and broad, Aviation Expo / China will keep pace with the times and the development of China’s aviation industry, achieving the significant upgrading base on the era and industrial development characteristics and needs.

With the 30-year exhibition experience and the rich resources accumulated, Aviation Expo / China will further develop the comprehensive advantages on government, economics, talents and media etc. in Beijing aviation industry by integrating and transferring the resources according to the development trend and market needs, endeavoring to be the three platforms of service industry development.

I. The Release and cooperation platform for new technologies, products and concepts in China;
II. The High-end dialogue platform between the government body and aerospace companies;
III. The Conference platform among the leaders of aerospace companies.

In order to set up these platforms, a series of international and professional high-level forums and summits will be held at the same time as Aviation Expo / China, with the contents covering the aviation manufacturing, maintenance, technologies, management, integration of industry and finance as well as civil-military integration. Furthermore, combining products exhibition and B2B to gain insight into the supply and demand in products and technologies, realizing the practical joints among the domestic and oversea aviation enterprises.



Exhibition Date 16-19 Sept ,2015
16-19 Sept ( Trade Day)
Opening Ceremony 16 Sept at 09: 00 a .m at China National Convention Center (CNCC)
13 Sept 08:30-17:30
Floor marking by the official contractor in the morning 
Booth decoration & installation
14 Sept 08:30-17:30 Booth decoration & installation
15 Sept 08:30-21:00 Display of exhibits, safety and security inspection
16 Sept




Hall open for exhibitors
Grand Opening of Exhibition and VIP visit
Exhibition for trade visitors
17-18 Sept 09:00-17:00 Exhibition for trade (No lunch break)
19 Sept 09:00-14:00 Exhibition for trade (No lunch break)
19 Sept 14:00-21:00 closing of Exhibition the official freight forwarder will start returning
empty boxes to exhibitors for packing
 & stand dismantling


Exhibition photos:


China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

Click here to enlarge:http://www.cnccchina.com/images/cad.jpg

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