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Notification of Company Name Change

July 3rd2014


Dear Valued Business Partners,


Effective July 3rd, 2014, “Shanghai GrandPac International Co., Ltd.”  has changed  its name to:

“GrandPac  Aviation (Shanghai) Co, Ltd.”

The Name Change, is to reflect company’s enhanced role in The Aviation Industry.  And the Name Change is a part of our Long Range Strategic Initiative, that allows GrandPac Aviation to Provide a Wider Range of Aviation Products and Services to our customers operating in the Greater China Region.


While our name changed, our legal status, our personnel, operating locations, and contact details, remains the same.   Our contracts with our customers and business partners remains unaltered, with corresponding obligations and rights assumed under the new name.


To receive the approval for the use of “Aviation” as part of the business name, was a very difficult process. The approval signifies GrandPac’s business credibility, reputation and achievement as a leading supplier to China’s aviation industry.     


Going forward, you can expect the same high level of services which we have built our reputation in the industry.   Please accept our sincere apology for any inconveniences this Name Change may cause you.  Please update your record, and if there is any question, please feel free to contact us at any time (see the bottom of page for the contact information).    We thank you for your continued support!



Best Regards,



GrandPac Aviation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

(Fromerly Shanghai GrandPac Int’l Co., Ltd.)  

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