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GP took part in Aviation Expo / China 2009


Sep. 23rd to 26th, China Int'l Exhibition Center, Hall 10, GP Booth No.: Q-6


Aviation Expo/ China 2009

Aviation Expo/ China ,a binenial event , has been recoganized as one of the most important and robust platforms for expanding business and networking opportunities in this dynamic aviation market in China.

It has been hosted successfully 12 times since 1985, The organizers and sponsors include all top Chinese aviation authorities and enterprises, major airlines ,Departments of Ministry of Public Security of China and the Chinese Military and Naval Departments.

The 2007 Expo successfully drew 276 exhibitors from 22 countries/regions around the world, and in turn attracted over 17,000 trade visitors.

New forecasts indicate China's aircraft demand will grow at an annual rate of 7.5% benefiting from an internal economic boom and double-digit increases in airline passenger numbers. And China will construct 97 airports before 2020 since 2009, it is a valuable opportunity to all the airport equipments suppliers both at home and abroad.

The Goverments and local rescue departments paid more higher attention to General Aviation(GA) development since Helicopters and GA aircrafts played an inreplacable sole in the rescuing work in the earthquak disaster in Sichuan province this year. In addition ,Aircrafts and helicopters leasing will be playing an very important sole in the whole aviation industry in China in future.

In addition, the Beijing Aviation Industry Forum will be held on 21-22 Sept 2009.The topics include helicopters application and leasing, general aviation development, aircrafts leasing and financing, and how to cope with the global financial crisis , More than 400 senior officials and decision-makers from China National Development and Reform Commission (CNDRC), FAA, CAAC, General Equipment Deparment of PLA, Generlal Logistics of PLA, AVIC, CATIC, Local Governements, China Air Force(CAF), China Navy ,Aviation Research Institues ,Aviation academies and aviation companies will be invited to attend the forum and exchange ideals face to face.

Avaition Expo/China has been one of the best platform for companies involved in Avaition business both at home and abroad to find opporunities and do business.

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