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GrandPac Aviation has become a leader in the supply of quality products and services, to the Aviation industries. We offers the widest range of standard and engineered solutions. You will find the latest products and solutions, in Drilling, Riveting, Cutting, Material Removal and Polishing, Fastener Installation and Removal, as well as Testing and Measuring tools. With the continuous expansion of GrandPac Aviation operation, we have many career opportunities for advancement within our growing organization.

We are looking for talented individual, that have the desire to take on responsibility that are looking for challenges to grow and to excel. We provide an exciting platform, for those individuals, that are interested to prove to themselves and to others, what they are able to accomplish and what dreams and desires they are able to achieve.

There is no ceiling, no boundary, and no limit at GrandPac Aviation. We offer good environment, good chance, career advancement training, and plenty of opportunities to challenge and to surpass yourself.

Account Executive – Cutting Tools
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