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Grand Pacific Enterprises, Inc.
Add:       12015 Mora Drive Unit 4 & 5 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 USA
Tel:        +1-562-903-9686
Fax:       +1-562-906-0898

E-mail:  sales@grand-pacific.com


Grand Pacific Enterprises, Inc. China office:

GrandPac Aviation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Add:       10th Floor, 777 West Yan An Rd. Shanghai, China

Zip:        200050

Tel:        +86-21-6226 7999
Fax:       +86-21-6226 6255
Email:   sales.cn@grand-pacific.com


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 State-Owned  1-49 persons  below 0.5 million
 Private Company  50-100 persons  0.5-1.5 million
 Wholly Foreign-owned  100-500 persons  1.5-4 million
 Joint Ventures  501-1000 persons  4-7 million
 Government/Research institutions  1001-5000 persons  7-10 million
    5001 plus persons  above 10 million
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 Retailer               Research institution             Others
 Aerospace / Aviation / Airlines  Food processing  Agricultural equipment
 Automobile and related  Beverage processing  Oils / Chemicals
 Machine/tool manufacturing  Textiles  Mining / Mining Equipments
 Instrument/Industry Automation  Metal Processing  Mining / Mining Equipments
 Electrical products(Home 
 Architectural Services/Construction  Electronic components / parts /
 Railway / shipping / maritime-related
 Machine tool accessories agents  Software / Telecom / IT / Computer
 Facilities / gas / water / electric power industry  Plastic / rubber products
  Other Industry
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 Curling  Boring and Drilling  Bending  Hobbing
 Assembly  Coil forming  Molding  Mould Casting
 Extrusion  Composite material processing  Rolling  Saws / Cutting
 Shear  Stamping  Sheet Metal Forming  Forging
 Turning / Milling  Machining Center  Inspection and
 Heat Treatment
 Grinding / Honing  Polishing / Grinding  CNC  SMT
 Laser Cutting  Forming / machining  Drilling, Threading  Surface treatment / processing
 Welding and steel welding, brazing  Other Process
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 Drilling Tools  Cutting Tools  Composite Cutting Tools  Riveting Tools
 Assembly & Fastening
 Material Removal &
        Polishing Tools
 Gage, Measurement,
 Other Tools & Equipments
 EVA-625 Other Products
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